Rewind⏪ 2020..!

Rewind⏪ 2020..!

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Just wanted to rewind my 2020 as I learned many things and developed many interests in 2020. Also my first year in the dev community

  • Developed my interest towards Web Development and learned Html, CSS & JS

  • After that I wished to have my blog and went through many different options and ended up with github pages and medium as they are free (I don't know Hashnode then)

  • Made myself little comfortable with Jekyll

  • To work in backend I chose Node JS (Express js) and built & launched my first ever web app Minii, a simple URL shortener with custom slug support

  • Then I knew about Hashnode & absolutely loved it and started blog here

  • Learned something about SEO, Google Analytics.

  • Reading blogs on hashnode and microblogs in twitter became a habit

  • Suddenly I wished to develop Chrome extensions to make myself comfortable with few issues/tasks. So, I learned basics in a weekend and built my first ever extension Google Meet Assistant (check this blog )

  • Made my first small contribution to opensource

  • started using productive tools like notion , daily dev

  • Then I liked to learn any frontend framework and chose React JS. After learning basics I started to build my portfolio site and completed it after thousands of backspaces, tens of design changes and mood swings.

I can describe 2020 as my most learned year

Comment down habits/ interests you developed in 2020 ..!

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